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If you  are looking for a true Siberian Neva Masquerade, you have come to the  right place. SiberianKing.Org is your premier site for Neva Masquerade  (Siberian) cats. We are Arizona based cat fanciers and breeders of color  point, Neva Masquerade's ONLY. We are unique in that we transported the  parents of our kittens directly from Russia, on our laps. We offer  adoption of our kittens/cats, as they are available, or we will travel  to Russia to adopt that "Perfect Cat" or Breeding Pair for you, if you  would like to start your own business (this is the cheapest way to go if  you want your own TRUE Siberian buissness),  since we also have a  residence in Novosibirsk, Russia. We raise our cats under foot in our  home and they are Only caged during Show Competition. Our "Color Points"  all have Big Blue Eyes and a wonderful disposition. Siberian cats are  non-allergenic and are the perfect pet for anyone with allergies and  love cats!  We are the ONLY breader in America that traveled to Russia  for our kittens Parents, and have true Neva Nasquerade kittens and adult  cats. If you are looking for TRUE Neva Masquerades, this is the place  to be.  Both parents of our litters have Championship status (CFA), and  come from"World Championship" bloodlines (WCF, FELIS). We are  experiencing a high demand for our kittens/adults as evidenced by  the amount of phone calls. We have no Cats available at the time but  an  application will be sent as soon as you e-mail us (or call) and  indicate interest,  If you qualify for adoption we will place you on a  waiting list, and you will be given preference to adopt the kitten of  your choice when available. If you change your mind about Neva Adoption  after a deposit is made, we will return 50% of your deposit. If our  expert withdraws your approval (for any reason), 100% of your deposit  will be returned.  write us at the address below to answer all your  questions. All our babies are raised under foot in our home and not  susceptible to deseases many cats get from outdoors. We guarantee that  all our babies are free from desease and that they have no genetic  deseases! The following letters attest to the Neva Masquerades ultra low  Fel d 1 levels which trigger allergic reactions in some people. Neva  Masquerades have even lower levels than normal Siberians. 

Letters From  Some Past Adoption

From Simon and Olga

Hello Scott my wife told me to write you a review, well here it is

We are very happy with our new furry little friend Leopold. Kitten  arrived in good health, all vaccinations where made, toilet trained. He  is very lovable gentle pet. This is not your ordinary cat he is like a  little lion. Specifically I would like to mention that this breed is  hypo allergenic. I am allergic to every cat out there but not to my Neva  Masquerade. It’s worth the wait and worth the money spent. Thank You  Scott, Elena.

From Jeff and Caron 

Hello Scott and  Elena,   we are happy to tell you that our son Ryan paid Nardo his first  visit today and had no allergic reaction.  That is a miracle given his  history of being highly allergic to most animals, especially cats, birds  and horses.  We also took Nardo to the Vet for his booster shot last  Thursday, and the Dr. Said "He is Perfect!"  And of course we  agreed....oh, and he's a healthy 10.2 lbs...How are you both doing?  I  enjoyed the video you posted of the babies...Nardo is just like them, so  playful, and sweet...Caron and Jeff

The following letter is from Caron and Jeff who recently adopted their  second Neva Masquerade from us after realizing all the love this breed  brings to a home. Now Lucca (biological brother of Nardo, but different  litter) is with Nardo, once again.

Dear Scott and Elena,
Life is wonderful with our precious Nardo and now Lucca. They keep us  entertained with their joy and playfulness.  Since Lucca arrived only 2  weeks ago, these baby boys are inseparable and we can't imagine a better  pair of Neva Masquerades. We feel very fortunate to have found you and  your cattery. As you know, after we discovered this wonderful breed of  cat a few years ago, we did a lot of research on different breeders.   Your kittens are truly the best and most beautiful we've seen.  And  their gentle, sweet and loving nature can only be attributed to the  special care you give them.  We will always be grateful to you both.   Your friends, Caron and Jeff