About Us

Exclusive Neva Masquerade Breeders

 We  are Arizona based cat fanciers and breeders exclusively of Neva  Masquerade (Siberian) Cats. The owners of have  committed theirselves, and their Cattery, to ONLY supplying PURE  NEVA  MASQUERADES to America. Because our cats personalities have captured our  hearts, as they will yours too, we will never allow our cats to mate  with anything less than a true PURE NEVA MASQUERADE, aquired  from Russia.  The parents of  our kittens are directly from Novosibirsk and Moscow Russsia, to assure  you of a pure Siberian, (Neva Masquerade). We are the only cattery in  America, which ONLY breeds and adopt's out, pure Neva Masquerade cats,  which we personally went to Russia to aquire. We transport  our cats in  the planes cabin with us (on our laps) directly from Russia, to reduce  stress and assure their safe arrival. The parents of our kittens  both hold Championship Status, and come from World Championship  Bloodlines. All our cats are bi-lingual, so they understand (and listen  to) both Russian and English. "Neva Masquerade" depicts a "color point"  (different colors), and Big Blue Eyes. Although Siberians where  introduced to America in the early 1990s, the "Neva Masquerade" was  introduced in 1996 and remains one of the rarest of Siberians, in the  World. The  inspiration of our site and bringing Neva Masquerade's from Russia to  share with you came from Donald, a Neva Masquerade that brought joy to  all the people he met in his 14 years.  From  turning his back on people when they upset him, to welcoming the  occational dog in the house, with no fear. Donald’s personality and  character was unsurpassed by any humans we ever met.