All  kittens offered for Adoption by are Pedigree Neva  Masquerade's, (one of the few Pure Bred Neva Breaders, in America) with  current vaccinations and guaranteed to be healthy. A $300 deposit (which  is applied to the purchase price) is required to get first pick of the  litter. All of our kittens are spayed/neutered before adoption, which  will be performed at a safe age, for the protection and health of the  kitten (usually around 5 to 6 months old).  Our babies also come  to you  already litter box trained and although many people want a small  kitten, thinking it will adapt to the new home and people better, it is  not true with the Neva Masquerade, as like most kittens, they are  discovering their new world their first 6 months of life. Although our  kittens come to you at 6 to 7 mo. old, we do this to assure their good  physical and emotional health. A new animal in the house (any animal)  should be looked at as a lifelong commitment and not a temporary new  cute toy! Please note that although Neva Masquerade's are Hypo  Allergenic, we are unable to guarantee a perfect match, and although a  Doctor may say their "fel d 1" Protein is low, this will have Nothing to  do with your Allergic Reactions, although Neva Masquerade's have lower  levels than most cats.  Although we do "ship" our kittens to other parts  of the country, we only do this with a transport person we trust and  carries the kitten on her lap. Our transport charges a small fee, plus  the price of airline tickets for her and the cat.  Mouse over photo's  below for a larger view or click on the indicated photo's to watch  videos. Our adoption fee's are $1,200 US ea.
 We accept all major credit cards through paypal, for your convenience.  If you have any questions, please contact us at  as we are always happy to answer any questions.