Blue Eyes Siberian/Neva Masquerades

Rare in America and Russia

 Siberian  Neva Masquerade cats have a gentle, loving nature and well rounded  personality. They adore children, readily accept the other household  pets and get along great with the whole family, giving them the ability  to blend in and adapt to almost any family situation. Siberians have a  Dog-like devotion and personality. They are referred to as "the cat for  dog people".  Neva Masquerades enjoy being with their human companions and it  is not in their nature to be standoffish, or aloof with their families.  Coming when called, following the household members around, and some  more social cats even greet guests at the door. Because they are a  social cat, if left alone too often they can become quite lonely, and a  animal companion, such as another cat or a friendly dog can help relieve  the loneliness and curb undesirable activities.  It is a  slow to develop breed, retaining their kitten personalities their whole  life. Possessing a hardy constitution with no known genetic defects,  and  non-allergenic. They like high places and are powerful leapers,  their sharp wit and muscular bodies enable them to be good hunters and  excellent mousers. They can be easily trained to do simple tricks such  as how to stay off tables, off counters, play fetch, and be leash  trained. If  not given cause to fear water, they love fresh running water and will  drink from a running faucet, preferring it to drinking out of a water  bowl. Occasionally not only supervising your bath or shower, but  actually joining you.
                                           Neva Masquerade
 This Siberian was introduced to America in 1996 and depicts their coloring.  "Colorpoint"  (Neva Masquerade) Siberians,  have light, to white colored fur, and big  blue eyes. They are also the rarest (and most sought after) of the  Siberians. Given a festive name due to their more decorative coats, and  presumably originating along the banks of the Neva River in Leningrad  (now St. Petersburg). They are known in Russia as the "Pearl of  Siberia". When other cat breeds were imported to this area of Russia,  the Siberian was mixed with pointed cats such as Siamese and Burmese,  which created offspring with a fluffy coat and pointed color (Neva  Masquerade). Some claim this mix was natural, while others claim  intentional.